TrollTrue Custom Trolling Lures

trolltrue custom trolling lures

How they work?

The question I get most often about TrollTrue revolves around how the lure works and how it will make you more successful on your next offshore adventure. TrollTrue lures make great tuna lures to king mackerel lures, to mahi mahi lures.  If you want to troll a natural bait like ballyhoo or a cigar minnow, TrollTrue will help you present a better looking bait.  It is important to understand how it works to appreciate its potential to improve your fishing success. There are four key elements to TrollTrue's patented design:


Ballyhoo chin weight

TrollTrue naked...

Ballyhoo Rig

and fully dressed

The body is a one-piece design constructed solely from lead. The body itself weighs in at 1.5 oz, but after the addition of four coats of paint and laquer and acrylic eyes, the final weight is 1.65 oz. The weight is important for a couple of reasons. First, the weight needs to be substantial enough in relation to the baitfish in order to control its action. Secondly, the weight is substantial enough that through a combination of trolling speed, line angle, and distance behind the boat, the bait can be presented at various depths without additional trolling weights.  

Weight distribution

Kingfish Rig
King mackerel trolling lures

Baitfish swim in an upright position without spinning.  In order to mimic that action, the weight of TrollTrue is distributed so that 80% of the lure weight is below the center line of the bait.  This holds the baitfish in an upright and natural position.  This feature overcomes any imperfections in the bait or rigging that might prevent it from trolling naturally.


The lure is slotted on the top. The length, width, and placement on the lure are very important. Regardless of the rigging type, the intent is that the weight of the lure rides on the rigging and not the baitfish. On a pin rig, the lure slides down line, the pin goes into the slot, and bottoms out in the slot so that it carries the weight instead of the baitfish. On other styles of rigging, the nose hook performs in a similar fashion. Trolling for tuna Pin fully engaged on a conventional pin rig king mackerel trolling lures Nose hook engaged on our cigar minnow rig rigging squid for trolling Nose hook engaged on our weedless mahi rig with squid. This hook engages by the width of the hook versus bottoming out in the slot. The dimensions on the slot make the lure adaptable to a variety of riggings and baitfish. The lure was designed for use with ballyhoo, cigar minnows, and squid, but customers are also using TrollTrue with a variety of other baits as well. The lure is held in place by the water pressure while its being trolled similar to many other skirts and lures. However unlike many other rigging methods, the weight of the rigging is free to slide up the line when necessary. This is important when fighting a fish so the fish can't use the weight of the lure/rigging as leverage to throw the hook. 

Tuna Lures

Pin fully engaged on a conventional ballyhoo pin rig

King mackerel rigs

Nose hook engaged on our cigar minnow stinger rig

Mahi mahi lures

Nose hook engaged on our weedless mahi rig with squid. This hook engages by the width of the hook versus bottoming out in the slot.

nose hole

The hole in the front is designed with a couple of thoughts in mind. The hole is large enough so that it will accommodate a variety of baitfish. Specifically when used with ballyhoo, the ballyhoo beak can extend through the lure and engage with most other skirts or lures and provide a different look and still maintain all the benefits of TrollTrue. 

Tuna trolling lures

Naked ballyhoo on conventional pin rig

Squid trolling

Weedless mahi rig with squid

King Mackerel trolling lures

Cigar minnow rig with stinger hook

Best trolling lure for tuna
Mahi mahi lures

All rigs fitted with various skirts

Trolling for king mackerel

Success in offshore angling is about attention to detail. From ensuring the tackle is in tiptop shape to scouring satellite imagery to find those optimum water conditions to leaving nothing to chance with the operation of the boat, all building to ensure a successful trip for yourself and your crew. TrollTrue offers the opportunity to carry that same attention to detail over to your bait presentation as well. Rig your natural baits quickly and be confident they will troll with the most realistic presentation possible. Spend less time rigging and concentrate on the fishing!