Tuna Fishing Lures

  • Whether you're yellowfin tuna fishing or for bluefin tuna, blackfin tuna, or bigeye tuna, TrollTrue tuna trolling lures will take your tuna trolling spread to the next level.
  • Add monofilament or flourocarbon rigging and this will be your best bait for tuna.
  • A very popular choice for Hawaiian yellowfin tuna as well.
  • Available trailer hook options include treble hook, J-hook, or circle hook.



Best Tuna fishing lure

Our Tuna Fishing Lure Collection

The Perfect Collection for Yellowfin Tuna Trolling

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Combo Pack with Lures & Rigging

An all-inclusive package

5 Lures

12 Rigs

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Starter Pack with Lures & Rigging

An entry-level package

2 Lures

6 Rigs

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5 Lure Pack

Comfortable Making Rigs? 

This is your Package

5 Lures Only

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TrollTrue Stinger Hook Rigs

Rigs Only


Or 7-strand Wire

Flourocarbon Available

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Combo Pack with Lures & Rigging

Special Sale  25% OFF for The Combo Pack

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Combo Pack with Lures & Rigging

Our most popular package for anglers looking to take their offshore fishing to the next level

Use the same lure for ballyhoo or cigar minnows in pursuit of mahi mahi, king mackerel, wahoo, tuna, sailfish, or marlin. 

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