Makes Your Bait Swim Like Fish 🐠

WHY TROLLTRUE IS a Fisherman's best Friend

Saltwater Fishing Will Never Be The Same..

TrollTrue lures are the recreational angler's best friend. The innovative design makes baitfish swim like they are alive even if the rigging might be less than perfect.    

Weighing in at 1.65 oz allows you to troll at any depth and your baits will look great.

The keel weighted design keeps the baitfish orientated properly so it swims naturally.

Now everyone can be a rigging pro.

The lures work with various type of rigging and baitfish. See the RIGGING OPTIONS.

Choose from five proven color combinations.

These are packs of 5 for additional savings. You can choose from all of one color or an assortment of each.

Made in the usa

All store products are 100% made in the USA.

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Free shipping on all orders

Money Back 100% Guarantee

Love it, or receive a full refund on all purchases

People Usually Ask

1. Will TrollTrue lures work with bait springs?

TrollTrue lures will work with some bait springs depending on their size and construction. If the springs will fit inside the lure head, they will work.

2. Will TrollTrue lures work with baitfish besides ballyhoo and cigar minnows?

Yes, TrollTrue lures will work with similarly shaped baitfish 4-8' long.

3. What is the optimum trolling speed?

For ballyhoo, the recommended speed is 6-8 knots. For cigar minnows, the recommended speed is 4-5 knots.  

4. Will TrollTrue lures work with skirts?

Yes. Skirts, sea witches, and similar attractants can be trolled in front of TrollTrue lures.

5. What is the preferred ballyhoo rigging?

TrollTrue lures utilize convention ballyhoo pin rigging. The ballyhoo can be secured to the rigging with rubber bands, copper wire, or some bait spring types. Because of the speed and ease of rigging, rubber band rigging is the preferred rigging.

6. Can I make my own rigging for use with TrollTrue lures?

Yes. The rigging videos include a description of all materials necessary to make any of the riggings. You can make you own or buy some TrollTrue riggings to use as examples..

7. Does TrollTrue offer wholesale pricing?

TrollTrue lures are available online only, They can be ordered through the website or on Amazon at

8. What if I don't like my lures?

We are committed to complete customer service. If our lures are not for you for any reason, just return them for a full refund.

9. Will TrollTrue lures work with planers?

Yes. TrollTrue lures can be trolled behind planers or trolling weights to access a variety of trolling depths.

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