tuna fishing baits...  

Done differently

  • BALLYHOO OR MACKEREL- Both make great tuna rigs when trolled with TrollTrue lures.  Whether yellowfin, bluefin, bigeye, or blackfin, none of them can resist a well-running bait. 

  • VERSATILE - TrollTrue tuna baits can be used naked or behind sea witches, duster, or skirts.  

  • SURFACE TO DEEP - Skipping across the surface or deep with planers, downriggers, or trolling weights, your baits will always look their best.  

  • PROVEN FISH CATCHING COLORS - Green/yellow and pink/blue are great choices as part of your tuna fishing gear.

You invest a lot to get offshore...

take 2 minutes to get the most out of that time

Easy to Use
Insert nose hook into baitfish's head 
and slide lure into place.  That's it. 
Anyone can rig baits like a pro. 
Less damage while rigging
Much easier than pin-rigging with less damage to ballyhoo resulting in longer lasting and better swimming baits.
flying fish lure tuna bait
Innovative design
Keel-weight is always optimally positioned so baits won't spin or lay on their side, but instead swim naturally.
Improves bait presentation
You'll spend your time fishing instead of wondering if your baits are trolling right.

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