Improve your ballyhoo rigging in 3 easy steps

Try the TrollTrue rigging process and you'll never rig any other way

  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN - Ballyhoo and cigar minnows won't spin or lay on their side, but instead will swim naturally.  

  • EASY TO USE - Insert nose hook into baitfish's head.  That's it.  Rig baits like a pro.  Much easier than pin-rigging with less damage to the ballyhoo resulting in longer lasting and better swimming baits.   

  • USA MADE - All of our products are US 🇺🇸 made to deliver the performance you expect.

  • IMPROVES BAIT PRESENTATION - Better baits catch more fish.

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Rig TrollTrue Lures

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People Usually Ask

1. What is the preferred way to rig the TrollTrue lures?

Most anglers will have the best results using the TrollTrue recommended rigging.  The rigging consists of a 4/0 live bait hook as the nose hook and a Size 4 treble hook as the trailer hook.  This rigging method is fastest, easier, and more consistent than traditional pin rigging and results in less damage to the ballyhoo for longer lasting and better running baits.

2. Can I make my own rigging for use with TrollTrue             lures?

Yes. The rigging is very easy to make.  The rigging videos include a description of all materials necessary to make any of the riggings. You can make you own or buy some TrollTrue riggings to use as examples..

3. What is the optimum trolling speed?

For ballyhoo, the recommended speed is 6-8 knots. For cigar minnows, the recommended speed is 4-5 knots.  

4. Will TrollTrue lures work with skirts?

Yes. Skirts, sea witches, and similar attractants can be trolled in front of TrollTrue lures.

5. Will TrollTrue lures work with baitfish besides                   ballyhoo and cigar minnows?

Yes, TrollTrue lures will work with similarly shaped baitfish 4-8' long.

6. Will TrollTrue lures work with planers?

Yes. TrollTrue lures can be trolled behind planers or trolling weights to access a variety of trolling depths.

7. Can I use convention pin rigging with TrollTrue lures       for ballyhoo?

If you prefer to pin rig ballyhoo, TrollTrue lures will still help to optimize the bait presentation by perfectly positioning the keel weight and helping to overcome less than optimal rigging.

8. Will TrollTrue lures work with bait springs?

TrollTrue lures will work with some bait springs depending on their size and construction. If the springs will fit inside the lure head, they will work.

9. What if I don't like my lures?

We are committed to your complete satisfaction.  If TrollTrue lures are not for you for any reason, just return them for a full refund.

10. Do you offer a wholesale program?

TrollTrue lures are available online only in order to bring the best value possible.