a better way to rig ballyhoo

dorado trolling rigs

  • Rigs designed specifically for  ballyhoo and cigar minnows

  • Replaces ballyhoo pin rigs and pre rigged ballyhoo

  • Rigging available in monofilament, 7-strand wire, and flourocarbon

  • Pro Tip:  Consider cigar minnows for mahi when the action is hot!

What's different about 

TrollTrue Lures?

Easy to Use
Insert nose hook into baitfish's head 
and slide lure into place.  That's it. 
Anyone can rig baits like a pro. 
Less damage while rigging
Much easier than pin-rigging with less damage to ballyhoo resulting in longer lasting and better swimming baits.
Innovative design
Keel-weight is always optimally positioned so baits won't spin or lay on their side, but instead swim naturally.
Improves bait presentation
You'll spend your time fishing instead of wondering if your baits are trolling right.

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Frequently Asked Doradoo Fishing Questions

What is the preferred way to rig the TrollTrue lures?

Most anglers will have the best results using the TrollTrue recommended rigging. The rigging consists of a 4/0 live bait hook as the nose hook and a Size 2 treble hook as the trailer hook. This rigging method is faster, easier, and more consistent than traditional pin rigging and results in less damage to the ballyhoo for longer lasting and better running baits.

For step by step instructions read HOW TO RIG TROLLTRUE BAITS

How should I deploy my TrollTrue lures?

Once the bait is rigged and the TrollTrue lure is in place, watch how the bait swims beside the boat.  Adjust the boat speed and/or limber up the bait to optimize the action.  

With the bait presentation optimized, begin dropping the bait back.  Keep your finger on the spool to maintain pressure on the line.  Don't free spool the bait back.  This can displace the lure and cause it not to troll right.

Complete instructions read HOW TO DEPLOY TROLLTRUE BAITS

What holds the TrollTrue lure in place?

TrollTrue lures are intended to slide up the leader when fighting a fish.  This minimizes the opportunity for the fish to throw the lure.  

The lure is held in place on the bait by the force of the water as it is trolled.  Without adequate flow of water across the lure, there is a potential for the lure to be displaced and not troll as intended.

Situations to avoid that might displace the lure include:

Free-spooling the bait back when dropping back.

Allowing the bait to skip.  TrollTrue lures are intended to be a swimming (not skipping) bait.  To let it swim as intended, you can either drop the bait back further in the spread or lower the angle of entry into the water.  Gunnel mounted release clips can be used to lower the angle of entry into the water and troll baits close to the boat.

Stopping the boat while fighting a fish on another line.  You should always keep the boat in gear when fighting a fish.  This helps to maintain pressure on the line and minimizes the opportunity to lose the fish.  If the boat is stopped, be attentive to how the TrollTrue lures are trolling when you start back.  Check the lures if necessary.

Trolling too slow.  This really only comes into play when trolling from a kayak.  If necessary, the TrollTrue lures can be secured in place.  The best way to do this is to insert a short section of toothpick through the eye of the nose hook once the bait is rigged and the TrollTrue lure is in place.  This is not necessary with conventional trolling.

Can I make my own rigging for use with TrollTrue lures?

Yes. The rigging is very easy to make. The rigging videos include a description of all materials necessary to make any of the riggings. You can make you own or buy some TrollTrue riggings to use as examples.

What is the optimum trolling speed?

For ballyhoo, the recommended speed is 6-8 knots. For cigar minnows, the recommended speed is 4-5 knots.  

Will TrollTrue lures work with skirts?

Yes. Skirts, sea witches, and similar attractants can be trolled in front of TrollTrue lures.  Also can be used with planers, downriggers, or trolling weights.

Can I use convention pin rigging with TrollTrue lures for ballyhoo?

If you prefer to pin rig ballyhoo, TrollTrue lures will still help to optimize the bait presentation by perfectly positioning the keel weight and helping to overcome less than optimal rigging.

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