a better way to rig ballyhoo

  • Keel weighted design orientates ballyhoo and cigar minnows to swim naturally

  • Rigging is fast and easy so you troll with confidence

  • Lure secures ballyhoo head so you don't need rigging wire, bait springs, or rubber bands

  • Design allows faster trolling speeds without washing out

  • Weighs 1.65 oz heavy enough to control baits even if rigging is less than perfect

  • 100% manufactured in USA to ensure quality and deliver performance

  • If your pin rigged ballyhoo are not performing or you're buying expensive pre-rigged ballyhoo, consider TrollTrue lures 

  • The innovative and patented design makes ballyhoo and cigar minnows swim like they did when they were alive.  

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When I started TrollTrue in March 2019, my goal was to share my experiences and my frustrations with what was available to get my baits to run like I thought they should.    Since then, I've been able to share TrollTrue with hundreds of anglers literally around the world.     My lures are proudly made in the US and hand painted to deliver the performance you demand offshore.

Capt. David Rose

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